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Reader question: Have you ever lied about your jump numbers?

Written by Lara

This month’s question comes from Nikolay on Facebook. Now, we certainly don’t condone this, and we’ve neeeeever been guilty of it (yeah right) but maybe that one time at the bar, or starstruck upon meeting our favorite SkyGod, or maybe that cute AFF student just begged to be bragged to …

Have you ever been less than 100% honest about your jump numbers?

PD New Beginning

And, if you want to elaborate, why? How did it turn out?

Select responses will be printed in the March issue of Blue Skies Mag, lightly edited for clarity and/or length. You can also email them to me at For this one, we’ll accept pseudonyms or anonymous responses, but comment with the exact name you want printed in the magazine with your response.

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