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You might be one of the lucky thousands who follows our instagram account, curated by the awesome Faith.


Some of the fun Faith has over at instagram.

We’re going to start bringing in more of the great photos for everyone else, because they’re too fun to be contained by one social media login.

PD New Beginning

To start, a rare photo of the poster herself!

I’ve been under a little bit of pressure recently to post a picture of the other side of our blue skies jumps. Sooooo here I am decked out in my @uptvector , blue skies embroidered #tonfly and @cookiehelmets #cookieg3 equip with blue skies decal. <img draggable=” src=”×72/1f60e.png”> looking dorky!! <img draggable=” src=”×72/1f61c.png”> This <img draggable=” src=”×72/1f4f7.png”> picture is courtesy of @ryanfyf #fyf Thanks for the jumps friends! <img draggable=” src=”×72/2764.png”> #skydiving #funjump #angleflying”
Photo taken at: Skydive DeLand
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