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Join the Movement

Written by Kolla

By Chazi Blacksher

Join the Movement is happening!

The Movement? What is that?  Glad you asked! The Movement is a collective of skydivers whose goal is to have fun through innovation and creativity in body flight. Core members are Chazi Blacksher, Mike “Friday” Friedman and Wade Baird

PD New Beginning

Skydive Arizona hosted two successful events so far this winter and with more on the way. November’s event got participants working on vertical formation flying. Jumpers practiced floating, diving, docking and sequential moves head-down and upright. December’s event concentrated on dynamic flying, not in the tunnel. Whoa, what, crazy, right? Crazy fun. Jumpers were flat (belly) orientated to work on body flight. Groups were flying snakes and over-under burble hopping with focus on levels and proximity. The only grips taken were during exit, then everyone flew free to work on being relative and moving.

The next flat event will be at Skydive Arizona February 20-21, 2016. If you can’t wait that long, no worries, there is an angle camp January 30-31. For more events and info about Join the Movement, check us out on Facebook.

Keep flying!


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