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Reader question: Leap Year Resolutions

What, not everyone is as obsessed with 30 Rock as I am?
Written by Lara

Leap Year Resolutions. We’re making it a thing.

Where in the air do you want to be by February 29, 2020?

Sky families are the best families. |

Maybe you want to be on a championship 4-way team? Have your tandem rating? Open a new DZ? Get your P-5? Be on the next head-down world record? Organize the next head-down world record? Your BASE wingsuit videos to hit a million views in 32 hours? To still be alive?

Selected responses will be printed in the Leap Year 2016 issue of Blue Skies Mag and may be edited for clarity, length and/or formatting. Comment with your name exactly as you would like it printed. You can also email responses to me at

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