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Reader Question: Non-jumping jumping injuries

Written by Lara
Rob 0, Pilot Chute 1

Rob 0, Pilot Chute 1

Rigger Rob stopped by our office this morning sporting quite the shiner. Turns out he got into an altercation with a feisty pilot chute yesterday, prompting our reader question for January 2016:

What’s your best non-jumping jumping injury?

PD New Beginning

Maybe you were running to catch a load and tripped over the DZ dog, or a tree branch decided it didn’t like the look of your face at the exit point, or maybe you’re like Kurt Gaebel and the plane you were sitting in got unceremoniously smashed into on the runway?

Selected responses will be printed in the January 2016 issue of Blue Skies Mag and may be edited for clarity, length and/or formatting. Comment with your name exactly as you would like it printed. You can also email responses to me at

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