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2015 Black Friday – Performance Designs

Written by Kolla



Performance Designs – The Dream of Flight

25% off sport canopy linesets for black Friday only (midnight – midnight EST)

  • Can be purchased via our PD Gear Store.
  • Valid for online redemption ONLY.
  • Does not include Tandem linesets.
  • Does not apply to relines done through our Parachute Maintenance Department (PMD).
  • Lead times are not guaranteed and will vary with demand from the sale.
  • Lineset orders will be scheduled for completion in the order they were received.

Why linesets?  We see too many people trying to get “just one more jump” out of a lineset when in reality they are putting themselves in a totally avoidable dangerous situation. We want jumpers to take advantage of this sale and replace those sketchy lines before they have a malfunction on opening, flight, or landing (it can and does happen). We’ll be promoting line safety this week by posting a series of educational articles on the PD Blog about line types, sizes, and maintenance (including how to tell if you need a reline). The first article (Line Types) can be found here.

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Bonus: 40% OFF sale on apparel this weekend (Black Friday through Cyber Monday).  More information on the PD Facebook page!




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