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Do you know how to properly route your soft links?

Written by Kolla

If not – we suggest reviewing the instructions thoroughly, so that you are able to a) do it correctly and b) recognize when something is amiss.

DeLand based rigger Mike Patterson was recently switching a main canopy from one set of risers to another. In removing the slinks, he noticed that two of the Slinks (on opposite riser groups) had had the Slink tab passed through the end loop and left that way. The tab had been tacked in place, which likely helped the Slinks stay put through the jumps already on the set.

PD New Beginning

The correct way would have been to finish routing the Slink by passing the loop end through under the Slink tab, feed the tab through the loop again, and tighten up.  This is a bit hard to explain in writing, but PD publishes easy to follow Slink instructions on their website (link below). Instructions are also included with each set of Slinks sold.

Below are links to instruction sheets for the most common types of soft links. Check out the one that matches your set (provided that you use soft links) and make sure your set is properly routed. Fly safe!



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