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Don’t Broke the Goat – the story of how a new tunnel competition was born: MXC

Written by Kolla

By Keith Creedy

It was 9am at Skydive Paraclete XP’s Up In Smoke event and the forecast was right, no jumping this morning. Participants and organizers (at least the ones who slept the night before) were loitering outside the team room and Dr. Tom was stuffing an inflatable goat’s unspeakable region with a coffee flask.

“Bro, don’t broke the goat” says Oscar (dear Lord may Oscar never learn proper English). And that’s where “Don’t broke the goat” came from, but that’s not what this story is about.

Shortly after, myself and Damien Germano, fueled with coffee and needing something to do, wondered if they could create a tunnel competition and dive pool combining movement, points, flipping stuff, head down and head up, performed in 4-way. We quickly created a hypothetical draw, walked it out with Devin Roane and Michael Brewer and BOOM, MXC was born.

MXC – Most eXtreme Tunnelfly Challenge:
Snake + Layout + VFS Block + Sequential Flip = The Draw. Players perform The Draw first head down then head up; best time wins.

Actually, the original way of scoring was that you begin the round with a dozen seconds on the clock and earn time after completing each move and earn zero time for busting a move. If you don’t complete enough moves and your time runs out, the tunnel shuts off, you fall to the net, and you’re judged on how far in the draw you completed. This was nixed for the sake of players getting to fly all the way through because the dive pool is too much fun to be laying on the net. But maybe we should add that again later… I think we just wanted to yell “Don’t. Get. Eliminated!”

PD New Beginning

Anyway, that night, 5 teams of 4 performed two random draws of MXC and wouldn’t you know it, it worked. When the first team completed the sequence successfully on their first try, everyone knew we had something here; there’s potential.

In all competitions, players look for the shortcuts to make their runs faster. So that night, even in the first rounds of MXC, players were finding ways of taking grips and making moves to shorten their time; amazing.

Fun was had by all and they all lived happily ever after… except the goat… we’ll come back to that.

Paraclete XP is including MXC as an event in this year’s Freefly Indoor Skydiving Championships, to be held on December 19, 2015.
As with any new event, we expect to be faced with obstacles to overcome. Defining the start and finish of moves is difficult, judging will be difficult (what if you’re busted by your peers using a mobile app?….), and I’m sure things that we haven’t even thought of will arise. But, hell, MXC is incredibly fun to fly. If you haven’t tried it, go to Paraclete XP’s Facebook event “2015 Freefly Indoor Skydiving Championships” and make yourself a draw and go fly it. You’re going to love it.

Oh, and we ended up doing three jumps that cloudy day, some of the most incredible freefly jumps ever, PLUS smoke.  Mhmm. Also, months later, somebody eventually “broke the goat” (dammit Tom!).

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