Weather Hold

Jeffro Provenzano Rules the Living Room

Written by Kolla

Eloy jumpers have always been somewhat prone to throwing stuff out of airplanes. Ideally located near the middle of nowhere, the desert around the dropzone provides a great playground for that type of antics.

Recently a group of highly skilled skydivers and cinematographers led by Joe Jennings gathered for just such a project – filming Jeffro Provenzano casually playing with his Nvidia Shield (Android TV Box for streaming, gaming etc) in his living room. In freefall. Mark ‘Trunk’ Kirschenbaum of Hypoxic was one of the camera coordinators. He shared that it was a fast paced highly energetic project on a tight timeline, only doable because everyone that came at it was a skilled professional.

PD New Beginning

The setup expertly built by Steve Curtis of (Arizona Arsenal) involved 3 replicas of the living-room, 1 with parachute and 2 without. Up to 20 GoPro’s were installed on some of the rig – including the one not shown in the ad, which was equipped with a GPS guided parachute. The stunt-cat you see in there is a highly trained one, and was handled by a service that specializes in working with animals. Jeffro on the other hand was left to pretty much handle himself, and did so admirably. But enough about that – check out the video!


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