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Who are these people in the Aerodyne ad, and what are they doing?

Shared with permission from Aerodyne Research
Written by Kolla

We’ve had a few people bring up the latest Aerodyne ad, to ask – well – basically “what was that?”!

We contacted Bill Legard, President and CEO of Aerodyne with that question, and here is his input.

PD New Beginning

The individuals are as listed, Doug Forth, Larry Henderson, Kate Cooper-Jensen and Tom Jenkins. All are highly experienced big-way organizers and competitors with huge numbers expressing their experience levels (as included n the ad-52,000 jumps, 115 records, 140 years in the sport).
P3 is an organization which has created a product of big way skills camps and big way formation and sequential records. There are other members as well, most notably Dan BC, but this Aerodyne ad focuses on the Aerodyne Athletes which make up the bulk of the P3 leadership. P3 = Perris Performance Plus

The photo is taken in a “junkyard” at Perris Valley, with some building components, airplane parts, shipping containers etc. If you look at the sky, you’ll see canopies from a 100-way opening above them, so there is quite a bit of skydiving in the picture. 

Bonus: The ad is an homage to a photographic legend, Annie Leibovitz. She’s done a number of ensemble photographs with a cast of characters in an unusual location with a lot of shadows and somber faces.  The tie to jumping is showing these very strong, thoughtful, powerful people, who have combined their experience with their inspiration and have achieved wisdom.  That wisdom informs their choice of skydiving equipment and they exercise that wisdom by choosing Aerodyne! 

Shared with permission from Aerodyne Research

Shared with permission from Aerodyne Research

So, there you have it!


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  • If an ad has to be explained like this, it missed the mark. I’m a fan of Aerodyne products, but not a fan of this ad at all.

    Hey Bill Legard, if you ever need some stunning photos of your products in the air, let me know, I’d be happy to make some for you.

    Jeff Agard

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