Vigil Service Bulletin PSB 01-2015: Cutters Inspection

Written by Kolla

Nw VigilAdvanced Aerospace Designs, manufacturer of the Vigil AAD unit, has released a new service bulletin. This affects cutters manufactured between March 2015 and July 2015.

This service bulletin comes about due to a report of a severed closing loop. Inspection determined that a rough edge inside a cutter abraded the loop, causing it to fail.

PD New Beginning

The status of this bulletin is mandatory. Affected cutters must be returned to Advanced Aerospace Designs or Vigil America for inspection. Following inspection, cutters will be replaced or returned to each skydiver with an identifying blue paint dot placed on top of the cutter, indicating that it has passed inspection.

  • For equipment with cutter located ABOVE the pilot chute, inspection must be completed PRIOR TO THE NEXT JUMP.
  • For equipment with cutters not located above the pilot chute, inspection must be completed AT NEXT RESERVE REPACK.

For a complete list of serial numbers and instructions, read or download the entire bulletin: Vigil PSB 01-2015. The bulletin contains a link to form on the Vigil website, that the owners of affected units can use to begin inspection proceedings.


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