Paramotor launch from a truck stop .:. Icarus Trophy update
Written by Lara

The closest I’ve gotten to paramotoring was one very confusing early AFF jump where I tried to follow a funny-looking canopy’s pattern down to land (spoiler: it wasn’t a skydiver). So I don’t know dick about getting one off the ground, but this launch looks miles from standard to me.

David Wainwright is currently in the lead for the Race Class division of the Icarus Trophy, a 2-week paramotor race down the Pacific Coast that he’s whittled down to basically a 3-day race. He smashed this masterful launch from a tiny friggin’ parking lot where he had stopped to refuel yesterday:

PD New Beginning

And the story behind the takeoff (from the Icarus Trophy Facebook group – which you should join for more updates and cool stories and photos):

Day 2! Wow this is crazy hard work! Trucking along at max speed for 9.5hrs and 485km it’s a long day. It was a beautiful day right from the start. I just had to look at everything. (Bryan West) this was me for the day. Started great but my first fuel stop was a problem as the pumps only took card and my debit card doesn’t word and the was no other facilities so after landing just as a thermal broke off giving me a tail wind landing I went down on my hands and knees and managed to damage my start/kill switch cable! So I had to start the motor by hand out it on my back hook everything up while keeping it running and take off in a field with really long grass to fly down the road to a truck stop to get fuel and do some repairs.

I landed in the truck stop car park thing after circling to sus out the hazards you know trees trucks buildings nothing to worry about right! Anyway landing was sweet like slalom between the trees on the way in. Best fun!

The locals were kicking to themselves saying oh he probably needs gas. Then they come over and ask what I’m doing, oh you know just stopping for gas. Oh and do you have a socket I can borrow I busted my cable and need to get this out. So off he goes to his truck and comes back with all the tools I need to fix it! That was about and he pit stop after that then the really exciting part was to get in the air again! So the car park is t exactly long enough to get me and the 65kgs on my back off the ground in a straight line so I had to set up into wind get the glider up and moving then steer around the trucks doing a lap of the facility to get a long enough run to get air born. Few! glad I didn’t mess that up, Clear Truck! I gave the helpful owner a wave and I was out of there headed for Weed. One quick fuel stop and back in the air as Fish had caught up to me cruising up high with a nice tail wind. After that I was chasing down fish in the lead waiting for him to have to stop for fuel. Which ended up being the same place as me and with a couple of minutes of light to spare. Getting up early for the drag race to goal! One stop for fuel and we are there it’s long to be a F1 stop and racing every second will count. Can’t wait. Stay tuned.

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