Bridge Day 2015 – The Controversy Explored

Written by Kolla

Edited October 15, 2015: A previous version of this post linked to an article on another website about Bridge Day 2015; we’ve been notified of factual inaccuracies in that article that take away from the discussion we want to have so we’ve removed that link. (To be clear, the third-party article originally linked was not and is not endorsed by us. We frequently link to other websites with content we have not edited or fact checked and is not our work. We’ll do our best to be clearer about that in the future.)

PD New Beginning

So let’s get to the discussion we intended to host in the first place: Are you going to Bridge Day 2015 and why? Are you not going to Bridge Day 2015 and why? Do you know about the new security plans and why they’ve been introduced? Have you read everything on the different forums and websites and blogs about the controversy? What do you think of it?

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