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Rookiefest 2015 – Skydive Chicago

Photo by Martin Skrzypczak
Written by Kolla

By Katelyn Couch

Skydive Chicago’s Rookiefest was definitely a success this year! Newly licensed jumpers from all over joined together for our friendly 3-way scramble competition. A total of 5 rounds of competition were planned, although due to weather we could only fit in 4 rounds. Each round is a bit more challenging than the one before, giving the jumpers an opportunity to push themselves and learn.

PD New Beginning

Rookie competitor Melissa Jahnke of Wisconsin Skydiving Center (who came in third place) explained Rookiefest best:

“This event is a brilliant way to introduce newly licensed skydivers into the competitive world of skydiving. I was completely blown away with the generosity of SDC [Skydive Chicago] in providing an accomplished coach, and camera person for two new skydivers. I mean, who are we? The fact that high-profile coaches and camera crew humbly took their time, and taught us skills that they’ve learned over thousands of skydives completely blew my mind. I loved meeting new people, and I found it energizing. The amount of passion everyone exuded was contagious! It was a class act, and I am grateful I was part of it! I highly encourage all new licensed skydivers to participate in Rookiefest! I absolutely loved it!”

Skydive Chicago was happy for the outcome of 50 participants this year. This event has grown not only to be a local event but more of a regional boogie. Thanks to the help of SDC’s teams Rhythm XP and Core, these rookies were stoked to be able to fly and learn from some of the best. We look forward to seeing this event grow each year, until next year, blue skies!

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