Bobby Henline – Accelerated Freefall Training

Written by Kolla


Bobby Henline has always held a love of the skies and dreamt of flying.  During a tour in Iraq in April 2007, Bobby was the sole survivor of a roadside bombing that claimed the lives of 4 of his fellow servicemen. His own injuries were immense. Nearly 40% of his body was burned in the blast and he lost his left hand. With that, the dream of flight was put on hold – but never abandoned.

In his remarkable journey since, Bobby has gone through a multitude of surgeries, become a stand-up comedian (apparently quite hilarious, catch a show if you can!) and most recently took to the skies to complete his AFF, with the help of Niklas Daniel and Brianne Thompson of AXIS Flight School at Skydive Arizona in Eloy, Arizona.

PD New Beginning

The full story can be found the AXIS Flight School Blog. Time has also released an incredible documentary about his journey: Healing Bobby.
If you’d like to keep up with Bobby, go ahead and give him a skydiver style high-five Facebook.

See you in the sky, Bobby!

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