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Wings Rig for sale on Craigslist

Written by Kolla

A link to this particular Craigslist ad has been floating around social media circles lately. The person selling the *shute* is likely not a skydiver and does not list a price, serials, DOM, number of jumps or really much of anything. We contacted the seller but have not heard back with more details, if we do we will update this post.


Screen grab of ad – click for a larger image

Sometimes when we see ads like that, it is stolen gear being sold – but not always. As with any used gear purchase from an unknown seller, it’s a good idea for the potential buyer to vet the purchase the best they can before handing over some cold, hard cash. We did speak with Sunrise Manufacturing, the maker of the Wings container, and they were not aware of this container being reported as lost or stolen. They did however point out that it is not a very young chute either, and estimated the age at about 15 years.

PD New Beginning

If it is not stolen, this might be a great deal to be had – or if it is stolen, maybe the skydiving community can help spread the word and get the rig back to its rightful owner.

Click here to visit the ad on Craigslist in Jackson, MS.


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