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Monday Links

Written by Lara

Just some little clickables for your Monday afternoon.

Adrenalin BASE has a new harness out. “As conclusion, our goal with this harness is to fundamentally revise the traditional view on the harness straps and webbing.” Details at their Facebook page: ABX System – redefining the idea of a harness.

According to one anonymous internet commenter, a guy intentionally pulled head-down just to try it. I really can’t add much more commentary than that.

PD New Beginning

It’s our favorite color (duh) and probably yours too. But how well do you actually see blue? Take the Buzzfeed quiz.

If you feel the need to look up drop zones on your iPhone, you’re in luck: Dropzones – USPA Dropzone Finder.

And, a few pretty pictures to round out your day:

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