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TurnedOn Contest: Best GoPro Face

Written by Kolla

Hypoxic, maker of all things geeky and electronic for skydiving (and other extreme sports) is running a contest, starting today and ends on Friday August 14, 2015 by 5pm PST.

Photo Contest – submit your best shot of  a “GoPro Face” on the Hypoxic Facebook page or on Instagram (@gethypoxic) and tag it with #GoProFail
Rules?! There are no rules. Simply share your best “GoPro” Face, tag it with #GoProFail and make us laugh! This is a quickie – ends Friday 5pm PST!

PD New Beginning


No runners-up, only the best entry wins! What do you win? Most importantly, DZ bragging rights! We’ll also send you a Turned on by HYPOXIC Status Indicator for your GoPro Camera – just think, no more embarrassing “Am I blinking” idiotic gestures again! Heck, we’ll even send you a Turned On tee so you can flaunt your prowess and make everyone envious of your supreme online contest winning skills. 

Want to know more about Turned On? Visit the TurnedOn website and stop being that, “Am I On?” guy. Good Luck – You need it!

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