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Reader question: What movie, book or tv show describes your drop zone?

Written by Lara

This month we want to know more about your drop zone by way of popular culture. Is your DZ more Game of Thrones or Clueless? Top Gun or Big Bang Theory? Don’t forget to back up your claims with documented evidence and/or total hearsay.

What movie, book or tv show most accurately describes life at your drop zone?

PD New Beginning

We’ll print selected, lightly edited answers in the September issue (#69) of Blue Skies Mag. Comment here with your answer and your name exactly as you want it printed, or email answers to me at

Bonus: If you want to get your thinking caps on for next month’s question, come up with the best piece of technical canopy advice you’ve ever heard and/or given.

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  • “Gossip Girls” describe my ex dropzone perfectly hence why I found a new one, and this one is more like “Cool Runnings”

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