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GrellFab GoPro mount

Written by Kolla

GrellFAB Logo 2GrellFAB is a Swedish company, that designs and manufactures highly engineered camera mounts for skydiving, using the latest 3D modeling technologies. The GrellFAB mount is unique in the way they attach to the mouth vents on full face helmets, rather than being mounted on top as is traditional.

Mounting is simple, using standard stow bands – no drilling or hammering required. We were impressed to see that the mount comes with an integrated cut-away system and features a “snap-in” system, making it very easy to mount/remove the camera from the helmet.

We received a couple of GrellFAB GoPro mounts to check out and  have lined up a couple of testers – local jumpers from Skydive DeLand.  Both regularly jump a GoPro camera mounted on top of their helmets, providing good grounds for comparison.  Both jump Cookie G3 helmets so those are the mounts we are reviewing. Mounts are specific to helmets and cameras – visit the GrellFAB website for more information on what is available. We look forward to hear what our reviewers have to say! Those of you on Instagram, make sure to follow @blueskiesmag for some sneak previews from the testing process (#grellfab).

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Image courtesy of GrellFAB – Cookie G3 with Hero 3+/4 in housing.

To get a bit better feel for the mount, check out this video that shows how it is mounted.

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