Vertical World Record Attempts: Melissa Lowe’s recap of day 3

Photo by Brian Buckland
Written by Melissa Lowe

Vertical World Record Attempts – Day 2 Recap (Thursday, July 30, 2015).


Day 3 – riding the wave & going for 165

Jump #1 – builds nicely, but a few leg burbles pops people out

Jump #2 – we thought we got it! Now we gotta repeat the calmness & mental focus

Jump #3 – we thought we had it again but didn’t get too excited because we didn’t get the last one. Now we have to keep the energy up & stay sharp, patient & preserve.

Jump #4 – we thought we had it. Nope. Now it’s about riding the wave. We have eliminated one slot, and the record is now 164.

Jump #5 – one person out.

PD New Beginning

Welcome to the rollercoaster! And it’s a wild one! What’s amazing is we built 160 ways ALL day long. That proves we are persevering, rising above the fatigue & frustration. That means we are world-class athletes that are working out butts off to stick this!

And we will… It’s just a matter of when.

7:30am for morning briefing & 8am wheels up – going for 164!  #WorldRecordForBreakfast

Brian Buckland has generously allowed us to share some photos from the record! Follow him on Facebook for photo updates, and check out the full album from the record on his website.

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