Vertical World Record Attempts: Melissa Lowe’s recap of day 2

Photo by Brian Buckland
Written by Melissa Lowe

Vertical World Record Attempts – Day 2 Recap (Wednesday, July 30, 2015).


Day 2 is when shit starts getting real. The exciting reunion amongst hundred of friends is residing & the hard work begins. Now that the kinks are pretty much worked out (i.e. timing, plane formations & site pictures), it’s all about not f*cking up & riding the wave.

We did 5 jumps today, however due to a solid layer at 14,000′ on Attempt #2, each plane did a single plane pass. We need at least 16,500′ for the 166 people to have enough working time. All of our attempts have ranged from 19,800′ to 18,100. Our max altitude is 20,000′.

So darn! No record today, but that just means another day of blue skies, 7 plane shots, amazing skydiving & building awesome friendships!

PD New Beginning

Start time is 7:30am for the briefing & 8am wheels up. 5 jumps planned, but fingers crossed we get it on the 2nd jump of the day!!

Brian Buckland has generously allowed us to share some photos from the record! Follow him on Facebook for photo updates, and check out the full album from the record on his website.


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