Mile-Hi recoups some attorney’s fees from noise lawsuit

Written by Lara

We were pretty psyched that Mile-Hi Skydiving — and, disclaimer, my original home DZ —didn’t lose the inane lawsuit brought against them by Citizens for Quiet Skies (I can’t be the only one who’s reminded of the silly resident notifications in Sim City SimCityPetitioner right?). Anyway, we’re happy to report more seemingly good news out of Colorado: Judge: Airplane noise plaintiffs owe Mile-Hi Skydiving $48K in attorney’s fees.

In an order filed Tuesday, a Boulder District Court judge is requiring the plaintiffs in the Citizens for Quiet Skies v. Mile-Hi Skydiving lawsuit to pay nearly $48,000 in attorney’s fees to the Longmont company.

The attorney’s fees judgment comes in addition to $67,791 in damages Judge Judith LaBuda awarded to Mile-Hi earlier this month.


Of course, with this group there is always threat of appeal. I’ll say one thing for them, they’re tenacious as hell. And possibly very, very, very, very bored. So what kind of hobbies could we suggest to direct their endless well of energy into something productive? Bowling is always a solid choice, but those places can get kind of noisy and we all know how they feel about that (hint: they don’t like it). Maybe they could train to be Wilderness EMTs? That would certainly get them out in the quiet of nature. How about suicide prevention (my personal fave, obviously). Ending extreme poverty? Human rights? Trans issuesTurning lemons into lemonade that you donate to thirsty people? Or any other good cause (email me if you have something to add to that list, btw)?

PD New Beginning

That was a whole mess of links and I can’t blame you for not wanting to click each one. They all point to skydivers raising money and awareness for truly worthy causes. For people in need. To make the world a better place. For kindness and goodness and empathy. Instead of shouting at each other, let’s help each other out, eh? On the other side of the coin, name calling the members of CQS does as much good as their lawsuits against our skydiving brethren so let’s all focus our energy on the things we love, like skydiving, and BASE jumping, and flying, and each other.

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