Vertical World Record Attempts – Melissa Lowe’s recap after day 1

Written by Melissa Lowe

Vertical World Record Attempts – Day 1 Recap (Tuesday, July 29, 2015).

Attempt #1
I can safely sum up the day up as a “working out the kinks” kind of day. On Attempt #1 the planes gave a short “2-minute call” that barely gave everyone enough time to put up benches, stow away oxygen hoses and line up for exit.  This effected the divers/floaters timing in approaching the formation, causing some traffic issues. Attempt #1 was the foundation of figuring out the sight picture and a few got lost.

Attempt #2
After debrief, the organizers realized that the planes needed to tighten up their formation even more, to help with traffic and timing as jumpers approach the formation.

PD New Beginning

Attempt #3
We are building it!!  As Rook (Nelson) stated in the debrief: “We are all there. Now it’s just coming down to the fundamentals: referencing your cross partner, flying quiet and on level.”

We only did 3 out of 5 planned jumps as we waited out a few afternoon hours of weather. Wednesday’s forecast isn’t entirely promising, but we are hopeful we will get in a few jumps. Meeting at the dropzone at 7:30 AM sharp for a briefing – likely including some changes and as always, reinforcing the basics.
As the organizers (Mike Swanson, Alaska Jon DeVore & Rook Nelson) said, “It’s looking really, really good!”!!

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