Kickstarter: Documentary about Gary Connery’s no-parachute wingsuit landing

Written by Lara

Remember the glorious summer of 2012 and Gary Connery’s audacious stunt?

Hard to believe it was three years ago, but that means it’s just about time for a documentary about the whole project. Actually a bit past due, but Mark Sutton, Gary’s wingman and the driving force behind the documentary, went in on his own wingsuit jump in Switzerland a year after Gary’s historic jump. “Mark was helping fund the project as it went onto post production. Without him everything was put on hold and it became uncertain if the film would still get made.”

PD New Beginning

Now a team has put together a Kickstarter project to complete the documentary: The Man Who Flew To Earth. Documentary in Post-Production.

There are some crazy rewards, like dinner with three stunt doubles for £1,500 (~$2,300) or a £90 (~$140) t-shirt. You have until Friday, August 7 at 22:32 GMT (6:32 p.m. EST) to make your pledge and support this project. If you get a good reward, be sure to document your experience and let us know.

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