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Moments Lived

Norman Kent capturing "Moments Lived"
Written by Lara

Norman Kent is a master of his craft. We picked his brain for our i67: July 2015 article, “Wisdom from the Masters,” but he shared so much more that didn’t make it to print. I wish everyone could hear him describe his process – how he thinks about his photography, what goes into each shot, what he wants to convey. And now you can!

PD New Beginning

Norman’s just released a video describing exactly that. It’s well worth 6-ish minutes of your day, especially if you’re into any of the following:

  • Beautiful pictures
  • Behind-the-scenes commentary
  • How professionals think about and process their work
  • Head-down records
  • Skydiving
  • Clouds
  • Sun
  • Sky
  • Life

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