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Yeah Buddy! CRW Camp

Photo courtesy of team Too Wrapped Up
Written by Kolla

Taylor Cole of Team Too Wrapped Up (yes, it’s a CRW team!) is hosting a camp this weekend at Skydive Danielson in Danielson, CT along with Michael Chico Tomaselli (a CRW legend).

CRW is short for Canopy Relative Work and certainly a unique discipline within the sport of skydiving. If you don’t have plans for the weekend and can get there in a hurry, there are still couple of slots available. No prior experience is needed but participants should be comfortable jumping at a 1.1 wing loading. Camp goers will be introduced to the basics of CRW in a fun and safe environment.
Parachutes will be available ranging from 113-193. Camp cost is $25.00. Participants must bring their own crazy CRW socks, and optionally a half shell helmet and weight belt. Camp starts at 7 PM tonight at the bonfire, where the secret of successful CRW will be shared. Jumping starts at 8 AM on both Saturday and Sunday. For more information, please visit the Yeah Buddy! CRW Camp Facebook event page.



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