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Skydive DeLand PAC makes emergency landing Thursday, no injuries or damage to plane

Written by Lara

Skydive DeLand’s PAC reportedly made an emergency landing yesterday just after takeoff. Everyone is safe and sound back on the ground. We haven’t received confirmation of any details from the drop zone yet but will relay that information when it comes. We’ve updated this post with Skydive DeLand’s official statement (bottom of post).


This was less heart-pounding than Skydive Dubai’s incident earlier this week, but it’s a good reminder that a) airplanes are not magical bubbles of safety, b) you should be prepared for emergency situations from the moment you step foot in the airplane, not just when you leave it and c) love your pilot like he or she is saving your life every time you get in their vehicle (because they are!). It may be a good time to review our favorite pilot’s tips for making your pilot’s job easier: “Pissed off pilot? What your pilot may be thinking and why.

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Edit 15:41 EST: Skydive DeLand has released an official statement: “Yesterday, the PAC engine lost power shortly after take-off. Mark, the pilot, made the immediate and appropriate response needed for a safe, landing with everyone in the aircraft. There is no damage to the PAC and everyone landed safely with no injuries. Kudos to our amazing pilot, Mark, for the spectacular landing and keeping everyone safe!”

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