Alaska! Squirrel Style

Written by Kolla

The idea of Alaska really came from Squirrel athlete Scotty Bob. And apparently he was relentless in his efforts to get the rest of the team on board.

From TopSquirrel Matt Gerdes:

PD New Beginning

It’s hard to make these trips happen because as you know everything is expensive and far and complicated and we’re just dumb kids so things don’t always go perfectly according to plan. Initially we were supposed to go to Valdez because we found the “perfect” setup there but it totally fell through at the last-minute and we were scrambling to make something happen in a totally different spot. Thanks to day and night efforts (as in, all day, since there is no night there) we got a bit of airtime. Mostly, we just wanted to fly around as a group and have fun in the air with a great background. Obviously Scotty can’t help himself and his trench line is probably the deepest and most committing terrain line I’ve ever seen flown in a wingsuit.

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