BSBD Jhonathan Florez

Photo by Todd Davis
Written by The Harry Parker

Jhonathan Florez, a prominent Colombian athlete focused on wingsuit flight, died following a wingsuit BASE jump in Switzerland on Friday July 3, 2015. Jonathan was a part of a three-way off the Engleburg mountain, exiting from the Titles with an 8-10 second rock drop. This was a new exit point for Jhonathan, who was jumping a prototype racing suit.

Jhonathan exited last so there were no witnesses to his jump. His body was recovered at the base of the exit point, suggesting he might have caught a burble and/or the nature of the suit had interfered with his launch. That is speculation at this point, and as footage was destroyed up on impact, we may never know exactly what happened.

Jhonny was well-known for his fun, loving and outgoing style towards life, friendships and the love of his life, Kaci. His huge smile, approachable nature preceded him where-ever he went. A memorial group has been set up for him on Facebook, and everyone is invited to join. Please share your stories, photos and memories with his friends and family from around the world. Once available, memorial information will be shared in the Facebook group and this post updated as well. Jhonny was a long time brother of flight and I will always miss him greatly – much love and prayers for his beloved wife, Kaci Florez.

PD New Beginning

Many thanks to Todd Davis for sharing his photos of Jhonathan with us. They do a great job of showing Jhonny flying, living, loving and goofing around, in the air and on the ground – always sporting that huge grin and a twinkle in his eyes. All of us at Blue Skies Magazine send our deepest sympathies to grieving family and friends – especially to his wife, Kaci Florez. Johnny will live on in your smiles and memories for a long time to come.

Douggs, a renowned BASE jumper, skydiver and author, wrote a helpful article on dealing with death in our sports: “Death in the Sport of Life.”

Death in the Sport of Life


  • I met Johnny at this years flock and dock at Z-Hills and hi infectious personality created an immediate friendship. What a great funny and sharing guy. A rock star of wingsuiting yet so humble and sharing of his knowledge. I will miss him.

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