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Look who’s profiled in the July Parachutist!

Written by Lara

It’s photographing interviewer (interviewing photographer?) Zach Lewis!

Zach Lewis Parachutist Profile by Brian Giboney
Well done, Zach!

If you want to catch up on all Zach’s photo interviews, here they are (with more to come, including one the ladies of the BSM editorial team are very excited for ;) )

PD New Beginning

Annaliese Peterson | i44: July 2013
Amy Chmelecki | i49: December 2013
Jennifer Sensenbaugh | i51: February 2014
Arizona Rampage: Lisa Mazzetta and Paige Milligan | i55: June/July 2014
Hannah Betts | i58: October 2014
JoyRiders | i60: December 2014
Nancy Koreen | i64: April 2015
Laura Wagner | i65: May 2015

Thanks for all the awesome interviews, Zach, and congrats on the profile!

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