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SBK Heliboogie video teaser from Negative4 Productions

Written by Michael Cook

Each year Stavanger BASE Klubb hosts a BASE jumping event called The Heliboogie in the small Norwegian town of Lysebotn. The event is a four-day BASE jumping extravaganza, during which jumpers from all over the world converge on the small town, with its dramatic setting, for non-stop BASE jumping and fun.

Lysebotn is located at the head of the long Lysefjord, and lies more than 3,000 feet below the two gigantic cliffs that flank the waterway.

When the weather is nice in Lysebotn—and it’s often rainy and chilly at this northern latitude—standing at the edge of the fjord, dead-center between two 3,000ft cliffs with waterfalls everywhere is awe-inspiring. Even if you’re not a jumper or a climber, Lysebotn should still be on your bucket list to visit just to experience its natural beauty.

PD New Beginning

At the Heliboogie this year, two helicopters took turns transporting jumpers from the town to the top of the south cliffs. It’s a quick five-minute ride as the helicopter makes its steady ascent to the top. Once you’ve set down, the view is absolutely stunning. Even at this time in early summer snow blankets the cliff tops. From the landing site, it’s a very short walk out to Exit 6, on Kjerag, the mountain point 3,228 feet above the valley floor. The cliffs provide plenty of other exit points, but Exit 6 was the most popular for jumpers at the Heliboogie. As a non-jumper, watching people run off Kjerag and descend to the base of the cliffs at the edge of the deep blue water was breathtaking. In a tracking suit and/or wingsuit, the free fall off Kjerag can last up to 30 seconds. When looking upward from the landing area, jumpers look like tiny specs against the gigantic cliff walls, falling ever so slowly down to the valley floor.

Check out the video below, which is raw footage of a three-way gainer off Kjerag. The video is just a teaser for what’s to come. GoWorld Project and Negative4 Productions are planning to release several videos and one documentary of this year’s Heliboogie event, so be sure to subscribe to the Negative4 Productions YouTube channel, so that you can automatically receive these epic videos in your feed.

Ready? 3, 2, 1… BASE!

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