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DILAHYO music video

Written by Kolla

Skydiving, BASE and other extreme air sports often find their way into mainstream channels through mysterious ways. Here is one – the song Try by French pop-rock duo DILAHYO.  Members Yann Guelmi and Nellio have known each other for ten years and worked together in their home studies since 2008. They state that DILAHYO wants you to dance and escape from the everyday world. Their name is an anagram of HOLIDAY, and the duo seeks inspiration from many sources, ranging from Coldplay, OneRepublic) to synthpop (The Killers, Owl City), french pop and mainstream pop (Maroon 5, P!nk).

From this blend of influences emerged three songs with catchy tunes and great energy.

PD New Beginning

Their first video, Try, a compilation of sport/dance/fun activities – includes a whole bunch of familiar visuals, expressing joy and energy in a highly uplifting track. Give it a view!

Visit their Facebook page or YouTube channel to keep tabs on future releases, their upcoming album and concerts.

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