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World Wingsuit League Qualifications in Voss, Norway

Written by Kolla

Most of our readers are well familiar with the World Wingsuit League (WWL). It originally was formed around hosting meet for proximity flyers – putting on competitions to test their skill and abilities, racing against each other. Participants are careful selected and the events usually hosted at incredible locations.

The next event coming up is a qualifier hosted during Extreme Week in Voss, Norway. Approximately 40 of the world’s top wingsuit BASE jumpers will line up for the race, and the top 16 of those will punch their ticket to the Grand Prix in China.  This event will offer up an extra special race within itself – with manufacturers Robert Pecnik (Phoenix-Fly) and Tony Uragallo (TonySuit WingSuits) going toe to toe – Tony coming out of BASE retirement to compete again.

PD New Beginning

The video has a bit more information on the race – should be exciting to watch!


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