Judge finds in favor of Mile-Hi Skydiving following Longmont Noise Trial

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Dropzone owner Frank Casares and jumpers at Mile-Hi Skydiving Center can breathe easier after Bolder District Court Judge Judith LaBuda ruled in their favor on every claim brought forth by a group known as Citizens for Quiet Skies (or Facebook page). Claims were for nuisance, negligence and negligence per se.
The group had complained that the noise from aircraft (in particular the well visible purple, yellow and white Mile-Hi Twin Otter) had negatively impacted their quality of life as well as reduced the value of their properties. Kimberly Gibb, the leader of the group, is reported to be considering an appeal.
The city of Longmont is hosting a public meeting on June 3 to discuss complaints regarding airport noise.

The basis for the ruling rests on a foundation in federal laws and regulations regarding airplane noise, which are the standards that Mile-Hi must (and does) comply with. No evidence was found that violations has taken place.
Click here for a link to the case file in its entirety.

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