Job Opening: Para Concepts seeks Rigger

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Para Concepts is seeking a Master Rigger, or Senior Rigger with Master aspirations. We are a mid-sized loft, focusing on custom rigging solutions, canopy repair, relines, and swoop accessories, with a steady customer base from the area drop zones and a very busy internet/ mail order presence as the ICARUS Factory Service Center.

Typical projects include: Inspection and repacks, major and minor canopy repair, relines, jumpsuit repair, harness repair, fabrication of paramotor risers, linesets and sliders, gear consultations, and sales.

The ideal candidate will have the following:

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  • Senior Rigger Certificate.
  • 3 years minimum rigging experience.
  • Strong sewing skills.
  • Flexibility in daily tasks and scheduling.

Para Concepts is a year-round facility, so we are looking for someone who would like to move to the area. We are located in Ottawa, IL, just minutes from Skydive Chicago, and within driving distance of 2 wind tunnels, several drop zones of all sizes, and the stunning skyline of Chicago.
We offer rigging courses and a DPRE on site for applicants wanting to add a rating or test for the Master Rigger’s Certificate. As a member of PIA, we are very focused on continuing education for our staff and our customers.

Applicants must be legal to work in the USA.
Please send resumes to

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