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PD Packing Guide

Written by Kolla

If you have been around the sport long enough (5 minutes should do), you have probably spotted a parachute made by Performance Designs, Inc! They have a huge range of products and have been in the business of making parachutes for over 30 years now. Here is a great basic guide put together by PD, to help you know what a solid, good pack job looks like.  Although not the only factor, a good pack job can really set the stage for a nice, smooth opening.  And we really don’t know anything better than a smooth, sweet opening at the end of a great skydive!








We’ve set this document up so that you can save, download and share it with anyone that might want to improve their packing. We’ve also added some extra photos in the gallery below, for those of you that want to get your zoom on and explore in greater detail.

PD New Beginning


Check out the gallery below for some larger photos and different angles!





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