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Written by Lara

Not the emotional ones, either. Starting this year, Blue Skies Mag will phantasmagorically appear 12 times per year instead of 11.

Do you even know what that means? It means you get a smutty little air-sports rag in your mailbox every single goshdarn tootin’ month of the entire year, at no additional charge to you. It means you pay the same amount, but get more.

PD New Beginning

You don’t even have to do anything (apart from subscribing or renewing as the case may be)–a magazine will just magically appear at your doorstep around the beginning of every month, for as long as you pay us to keep them coming. And advertisers, they have a decent-sized role in this whole thing too. So buy stuff from them. And tell them you love their ad in Blue Skies. And drink your Ovaltine.

Thank you, dear readers, for reading and being part of our little community!

Thank you!

Count ’em – there are 12


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