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Norman Kent: The Dangers of Being a Hero

Norman Kent Productions
Written by Kolla

Norman Kent hardly needs an introduction. He has been around skydiving for a long time, much of it spent with huge cameras on his head or body. To do that safely and successfully for any length of time, you better know what to do to stay safe. When Norman speaks about camera safety, we would all do well to listen up. Watch the video, bookmark it, watch it again. Share with your friends that are jumping with cameras or thinking about it – always keep on learning!

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  • Ummm, yes Norm, it IS the equipment, not just the camera jumper’s attitude. Your video provides a great deal of information which may help reduce the dangers of jumping a camera, but EVERY instance you showed (especially your own rig) is more dangerous than NOT jumping a camera. I believe you do not advocate nearly strongly enough ELIMINATING (not merely reducing snag points). You called a number of configurations you displayed “snag-proof”; gotta throw the brown flag on ya there, bud. Many still had way too many dangerous snag points. I’m not jumping these days, but if I were, there was only one rig you showed, that I would consider jumping. Unless camera mounts have ALL snag points COMPLETELY filled in/covered completely resulting in a concave/flat exterior surface, these horrific and preventable incidents will continue. I have marveled at and enjoyed your (and all my other camera jumping friends) art and craftsmanship for my entire jumping career (may not be over yet), but I have also witnessed or been close to too many entanglement fatalities. I define ONE as too many. And every one I know of was PREVENTABLE. We can do more.

    Chris Rodrigues

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