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Sun Path: alternate bridle routing

Written by Kolla

Sun Path Javelin Alternate Bridle RoutingLast September (2014) we published a post following an incident where a pin pierced a bridle, resulting in a container lock. Happy ending spoiler alert: everyone was fine. This did prompt quite a bit of a discussion about container closing sequences along with where and how to route the bridle connecting the throw-out pilot chute. The container in question was a Sun Path Javelin.  Sun Path has created a handy-dandy document for you Javelin owners that wish to change the routing.

Download or view the document here: Alternate Bridle Routing for Sun Path Javelin


Have another container?

  • Click here to view alternate closing sequence on the UPT Vector container
  • Click here to view an alternate closing sequence on Rigging Innovation containers.
  • Click here to view the bulletin from Parachute Systems for the Vortex container.

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