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Canopy Collision Video

Written by Kolla

This  recent video from Alê e Paulinho, shot at Skydive Arizona in Eloy, Arizona, shows two canopies colliding. Watch the upper left corner, between the front and rear risers. Many thanks to Alê for sharing this, so that those of us that have (and hopefully never will) seen a canopy collision in person have the opportunity to review it and understand how violently bad things can go – and how fast.

We do not have any other information on this video as of yet, but wanted to share it. It may seem like a big sky up there, but in the world of fast-moving canopies all aimed for roughly the same spot on the ground, we are more and more in each other space.

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Getting current for the summer season, we want to encourage you all to take your canopy ride very seriously. Plan it as you would plan your skydive, be clear on landing protocols and patterns at the dropzone you are at, get briefed when you visit a new dropzone.  Watch your airspace, watch out for yourself, watch out for others. The skydive truly is not over until you are back safely in the hangar.

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