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Inspecting your Risers

Written by Kolla

Ohio Rigger Mary O’Reilly Whitehouse shared a couple of photos showing a pair risers  on a rigging group last week. Mary wants to encourage jumpers to inspect the components of their equipment before the summer sets in, to include the white loop on the 3-ring assembly.  In this case, she was concerned about the length of the white loop, which if of incorrect length can result in the cutaway system not working as designed, and encourages users to inspect their loop and its condition as a part of their monthly 3-ring check.


We reached out to a couple of manufacturers for input and suggestions.

T2A-loop_Blue_SkiesUPT gives this as inspection reference:

The white Type-2A loop may vary slightly in length, depending on the risers in question.
The best reference is to use the bottom edge of the Type 4 square weave, that holds the small ring.
When placed flat, the fold of the Type-2A should be even with the bottom edge of the Type 4 square weave. (Please keep in mind that there are tolerances that allow for up to 1/8” of difference)
This is true for all UPT sport risers, including tandem. 

PD New Beginning

Sun Path noted that in building risers they follow specifications published by UPT.  Loop length changes that have been made over time are noted as product improvements based on research and feedback from the field.

Both companies recommend replacement of risers as needed – neither specified a number of jumps that dictated a replacement. Both encourage container owners to check in with their riggers during reserve repacks – or more frequently if needed. If you have concerns about your equipment, including the main risers, don’t hesitate to give your rigger a call or approach the manufacturer directly.

Velocity Sports Equipment also mentioned that they prefer to work with the condition of any given component of the equipment, rather than a set replacement schedule, as it can greatly vary through use and environment the equipment is used in. They did note that any items that come into contact with the loop should be smooth and free of any edges that may cause premature wear.

So there you have it!  Safety day might be over – but now the real fun begins. Be safe, look out for yourself and each other, and give that gear a good one-over before going full blast into summer.

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