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Reader Question: How do you recover from your dumb mistakes?

Written by Lara

We have ALL made dumb mistakes, and don’t you even try denying it.

Maybe you forgot to turn on your AAD and the entire plane had to stop so you could turn it on? Maybe you downsized too fast, against everyone’s advice, and pounded yourself into the ground? Maybe you got on that load when the wind sock – and your elders sitting down – should have told you otherwise and you ended up in a tree?

In skydiving, BASE jumping, paragliding, speed flying — when you seriously cock something up, how do you get back on the horse?

PD New Beginning

Is it a phrase you say to yourself? A trusted friend to put things in perspective? Run and hide until people have forgotten? Mega mea culpa on the DZ’s facebook page?

Selected responses will be printed in the May issue of Blue Skies Mag. Comment here with your name exactly as you want it printed, or email answers to


  • If you are lucky enough to walk away from it! learn from it and don’t make the same mistake twice!

  • Always get back on the horse! I have made my share of dumb mistakes, and all I can do is admit it, own it, and talk about it. Then hopefully someone else doesn’t make the same dumb mistake, and I won’t repeat it.

  • First of all be thankful for survive and be able to continue in the game.
    Second, admit our mistake, talk about it and listen to others.
    Third, think about it, what happened, why and how could be avoid it. Learn about it and never do the same again.

    If you admit and own your mistake, talk about it and listen others opinion and advices then you learn.
    If you learn from mistakes you also develop the tools needed to get back on the horse.

    We can grow over our mistakes and let others learn from it as well.

  • If you’ve walked away from it; you’ve learned from it! And probably realized that is no room for lousy errors! Heads Up and carry on!

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