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Get Current: BASE Safety Tip from Douggs #2

Written by Kolla

Chris “Douggs” McDougall is a professional BASE jumper and wingsuit pilot. He’s Australian by birth but currently residing in Switzerland. Doug is a true citizen of the world, having logged jumps in 41 countries. He has been skydiving for 18 years (7000+ jumps)  and BASE jumping for 17 (3200+) and considered a bit of a legend in  both sports. For the 2015 Get Current Series we are publishing 3 BASE safety tips from Douggs: 

  1. Know Your Limits – published March 10, 2015
  2. Respect the Weather  (this one)
  3. Trust Your Gut (coming soon)


BASE Safety Tip by Douggs: Respect the Weather

PD New Beginning

Respect the weather. Mother nature rules our sport and she can bite you big time!
Never jump in head winds on low objects, no matter how slight they might be. Never jump in excessive winds that may have you fly backwards. You should never jump in stormy unpredictable weather. And most importantly with wingsuit proximity flying you need to have extensive knowledge of mountain weather, especially micro meteorology of where you will be flying. You need to know what weather conditions lie around the blind corners where you fly, such as thermal activity from bare rock or sink from a creek or slot canyon. Always remember that the very same jump and line you fly can be different every time depending on weather. It only takes one mistake to end the fun.

More Douggs: Personal website, (brand new!),  learntoBASEjump.comFacebook pageTwitterInstagramYouTube channel

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