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Bryan Turner
Bryan Turner
Written by Kolla

Experienced BASE jumper Bryan Turned died following a jump from the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho March 9, 2015. After landing in the river, Bryan was pulled out of the water and airlifted to a nearby hospital. The cause of the incident has not been reported.

Bryan left instructions to his friends in 2013 in the event of his death BASE jumping:

“If I die BASE jumping, please, and I cannot emphasize this enough, do everything you can to help end extreme poverty by 2030 and do your utmost to achieve sustainable development beyond that. Don’t waste time being upset about my dying; be upset about the seven million kids that die every year and don’t even get a chance to live. If you can, please use my death to advance sustainable development.”


Bryan’s friend Dan Gingold says about Bryan:

PD New Beginning

“Bryan was an incredibly positive, loving, thoughtful, charismatic individual—the kind of man who dedicated his life to the cause of ending extreme poverty in the world. He was selfless, kind, caring and cheerfully relentless in pursuing his goals.

Bryan’s other passions—besides his love for his family, his friends and his girlfriend Katherine—were skydiving and BASE jumping. Bryan used to talk eloquently about the ‘human feelings’ he felt while hiking to and leaping from a BASE jumping exit point: the sharp fear at his own mortality that alternated with an elation, with an overwhelming joy at simply being a living, breathing person on planet earth. Bryan loved and cherished those human feelings, and sought to use them as a source of fuel for continuing his important work.

All of the many, many people touched in their lives by Bryan are now experiencing a different set of feelings: pain and a powerful sadness at the loss of such brilliant, inspiring man, and a strong resolve to help work towards and accomplish the goals he firmly believed could be achieved.”

To join the fight in ending extreme poverty by 2030 like Bryan asked us to do, visit these sites:

News Reports:, CBC News

Douggs, a renowned BASE jumper, skydiver and author, wrote a helpful article on dealing with death in our sports: “Death in the Sport of Life.”

Death in the Sport of Life


  • To Bryan’s family and close friends, I am so sorry for your loss. What an incredibly passionate, intelligent, caring and kind individual Bryan was, and the strength of his character and spirit living on. A true blessing on earth and in this lifetime, may he rest peacefully & his goals still be realized. I know I have been touched by his presence, and I will certainly do what I can to contribute to sustainable development, as Bryan so hopes. My love & sincerest condolences to Bryan’s network. Xo

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