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Get Current: BASE Safety Tips from Douggs #1

Written by Kolla

Chris “Douggs” McDougall is a professional BASE jumper and wingsuit pilot. He’s Australian by birth although currently residing in Switzerland. Doug is a true citizen of the world, having logged jumps in 41 countries. He has been skydiving for 18 years (7000+ jumps)  and BASE jumping for 17 (3200+) and considered a bit of a legend in  both sports.



BASE Safety Tips by Douggs: Know your limits.

Never run at 100% of what you’re capable of in BASE jumping. Eventually it will catch up with you. 70% or lower is the best way to a long BASE-jumping career.

If you think you can do 5 gainers off a bridge then do 4. If you think you can wingsuit proximity fly 1 meter over the trees then stay 5 meters above them.

PD New Beginning

You always need to remember that each BASE jump we do might seem normal and not extreme to us, but in fact it is very extreme. When you continuously up the ante on BASE jumps, your sense of normal may get distorted, causing you to constantly to perform at your very upper limits. It’s hard to see from inside the group, but eventually the bubble will burst and one of the group will die before the rest of the group realizes how hard they were pushing. I see this every year and I have been in the center of it as well several times back in the day.

Know your limits so you can operate within your limits.

More Douggs: Personal website, (brand new!),  learntoBASEjump.comFacebook page, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube channel

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