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Upcoming Events – March 2015

Written by Sydney

In case you missed it, Planet Green Socks and Blue Skies Magazine started a Skydiving Events group on the ole Facebook. In it, are around 900 people are contributing event links and information so the skydiving community can be in the loop about the happenings around the world.

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Each month (or so), I’ll add a post here with a summary of all the badass boogies, skills camps, competitions, and other skydiving events that are submitted to the group. We’ll try to give you as much notice as possible so you can book your flights and hotels and hit the road to these events. If you have an event you’d like for us to add, feel free to submit it in the Skydiving Events group on Facebook or via the handy-dandy calendar portion of the website.

Without further ado, here are some of the events coming up in the next few months.

MARCH 2015

PD New Beginning

  • March 10-14: Team Fly4Life Angle Camp @ Skydive DeLand
    • Registration: $260 + your jumps for 5 days (the camp is planning to do 6 jumps/day)
    • Definitely click through the link on this one, as there is a TON of information on the event page, including the schedule/flow of the event, INSANE list of coaches, where to stay, how much jump tickets are, all of that good stuff.
    • For more information: email
  • March 10-14: Head Down Big Way Skills Camp @ Skydive Sebastian
    • Registration: $150 registration for the entire camp OR $40/day + your jumps
    • Coaches: Stephanie Strange and Jason Russell of SDC Core
    • For more information: email or
  • March 14: Sisters in Skydiving @ Skydive Perris

    • Registration: FREE! Jumps are $22 for the ladies, and Square1 Perris is offering 20% off gear rental. 
    • Coaches/Organizers: Sarah Smith, Mary SantAngelo, Taya Weiss, Shyama Rose, WSCR organized by Sandra and Chris
    • Fun fact: Sarah Smith and Mary Tortomasi will be offering free wind tunnel coaching during the event, and the Perris tunnel is offering a tunnel rate of $15.83 for gals who book time at 8:00 AM.
    • For more information email
  • March 14: USPA SAFETY DAY – Check local listings. :)
  • March 15-27: FlajFlaj @ Skydive Elsinore
    • Registration: $3,080 USD, but this may vary slightly with the fluctuating exchange rate. Registration includes:
      – 50 jump tickets (& a discount on additional jump tickets (23 USD))
      – Access to all the coaching & organizing
      – Access to canopy coaching with dedicated canopy coaches
      – And more!
    • Click through the link above to get the full list of coaches and all of the other fun stuff that happens during FlajFlaj. It’s insane. Seriously. You should go.
  • March 19-22: 12th Annual St. Patricks Day Celebration Boogie in Fitzgerald, GA 
    • Registration: $45 + $27/jump. Hot air balloon $100, helicopter jumps $85
    • This is a super unique event! From the event coordinator: “For those that don’t know, there is not a full time DZ in Fitzgerald. Once a year during the third weekend of March we transform this sleepy little South Georgia town into the place to be for skydiving.”
    • For further information: email
  • March 21: Skydive California City Reunion @ Skydive Taft
    • Admittedly, we don’t have a ton of information about this event. But chances are if you jumped at Cal City, you already know everything you need to know. :) 
  • March 27: North Florida Boogie @ World Skydiving Center (Jasper, FL) 
    • Registration: FREE! Jumps are $17 out of the Caravan
    • Sam Smith FF organizing
    • Distance Swoop Competition: $500 prize
    • Best overall aerial picture of our DZ: $500 prize  (you must present it to an audience for them to vote on)
  • March 28-29: Planet Green Socks Angle Flying Camp @ Tsunami Skydivers of Oceanside
    • Registration: $475, includes 12 jumps, coaching all weekend, and dinner from Kat’s Kitchen Collective on Saturday night.
    • COACHES: Amy Chmelecki and Domi Kiger of JoyRiders XP
    • For further information: email

APRIL 2015

MAY 2015

  • May 2-3: Cinco de Mayo Boogie @ Skydive Orange
    • Registration: not listed yet, but in 2014 it was $45 for non-members, $40 for members
    • Organizers: Nathan Smith, Scotty Bob, Extreme Wade, Jim Smith, Erin Kruth
    • For further information: keep an eye on the website and Facebook event page
  • May 13-16: “Generation XP Flowquentials” @ Skydive Paraclete XP 
    • Registration: $275 + jumps (aiming for 8 jumps per day)
    • Organizers: Tom Baker, Oscar Javier Asfura, Zach Mullins, Keith Creedy (video/photos), Luis Prinetto, Manuel Guevara, Claudio Cagnasso, Richard Scheurich, Sharon Har-noy
    • Skydive Paraclete XP will be hosting an all new type of human flight event for 2015. Our focus will be on building team skills, angle flying with some sequential formations. Combining the awesomeness of angle flying and head down formation skills for the upcoming 2015 world record. Registration will include tunnel time in USA’s largest wind tunnel; Paraclete Xp SkyVenture
  • May 26-31: Carolinafest! @ Skydive Carolina
    • Registration: Pre-registration is $75 and slots at the event are limited to 400 participants. Pre-registration will close on May 12 or when registration fills, whatever comes first. 
    • Organizers: All of the cool kids. Seriously. Check out the list here
    • Seriously though, there are like 8 million videos of awesome stuff happening at Carolinafest. Check them out. All of them. Or, you know, the 2014 video

If you find yourself sharing pictures from rad events on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, be sure to throw a #skydivingevents hashtag on there. We want to see what you guys are up to, who you’re jumping with, and live vicariously through your adventures in the sky.


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