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Poll on Proposed 2015 IPC CP Rules

Photo courtesy of Joe Abeln Photography
Written by Kolla

With the 2015 swoop season underway, competitors are taking a look at the new rules being proposed by the IPC. Many veteran Canopy Pilots were caught by surprise by the changes suggested and feel that further discussion is warranted.

PD New Beginning

The Canadian CP Team would like to explore in more detail what the competitors (that will be using these proposed rules) really think and give the competitors of the PRO/Open categories events a forum to express themselves. If you are (or have been) attending events at the IPC level, please take this poll hosted on the Canadian CP Tame Facebook page, and share it with your fellow competitors.  Click here to vote.
If you don’t have Facebook but would like to share a comment, please feel free to leave that below – we will make sure to pass it on.

Photo courtesy of Joe Abeln Photography

Photo courtesy of Joe Abeln Photography

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