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Get Current Series – 2015 edition

Written by Kolla

GetCurrent2015Last year we gathered up some good articles from a handful of companies and individuals, and threw a sort of an online safety day. Over the span of a couple of weeks, it provided a great opportunity for uncurrent skydivers to brush up on their knowledge. Some of the posts in that series remained our most visited throughout the year, with lot of great feedback and information.

We now bring you the 2015 edition. We are still waiting for the final list, as some of our hopeful candidates are juggling busy manufacturing schedules, PIA preparation, competitions and life in general, but hope that they can finagle a submission. If you are an expert skydiver, instructor or gear nut, and would like to share, we still have a handful of slots open. Email Kolla to discuss participation.

Below is a list of most of the authors and topics we have on the schedule. We will be metering these out over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for a smorgasbord of  skydiving related goodies on your screen.

PD New Beginning

We present, in no particular order:

From the “we might be able to play” files, we have pending submissions from certain PD Factory Team/Flight-1 members, another one from Everest jumper/Tandem Examiner guru Tom Noonan, possibly something from UPT and/or Vigil and some other smart skydivers. Stay tuned, as this list may change!

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