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Love is in the Air!

Written by Kolla

What a week! Mercury Retrograde wrapped up (feel free to roll eyes), then we  rolled right into Friday the 13th and tomorrow it’s Valentine’s Day. That last one may or may not be a joyous occasion – and certainly is a bit of a Hallmark holiday. If you aren’t proposing or taking your special someone skydiving while you chow down some flowers and a box of chocolates, you can rejoice in celebration that February 14 is also Ferris Wheel Day and National Organ Donor Day – if you want to give your heart quite literally.

PD New Beginning

But we love you lots, and to celebrate the occasion (or take your mind off it) we would like to offer a 14% discount on a 1 and 2 year subscriptions bought through our web store today and tomorrow – and maybe for most of Sunday too. This offer is good for renewals and new subscriptions alike (and don’t worry if you don’t see an option for “renewal” – just buy a “subscription” and we will match it up for you if you already have an existing one under your name).  You can buy one for yourself and one for your sweetie, or favorite Ferris Wheel buddy.  To get the deal, simply enter coupon code “loveisintheair” upon checkout. Thanks for helping us keeping this subscription powered independent crass little publication going :)

Truly Madly Deeply


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